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The Disadvantages of Late-night Working

In many industries, night shifts are a necessary part of regular working. Businesses that operate late at nights produce as much profit as possible to meet the demands of the market. The task of employees working for uneven shifts for a long period can cause them various health issues. What type of issues and what should they cause to the individual? What should you do for preventing them?

In this article, one can learn the side effects of late night working and the ideas for combating them.

Effects of Working Late Night

Working in late hours force your body to work against the schedule that nature has made for us. This is not a good idea to go against what Mother Nature has decided for us.

It is difficult to retrain your body to stay awake during night time and sleep during the day times. Due to late night shifts, one can suffer from several severe medical issues. Let’s have a look at the adverse effects of night shifts.

Cause Depression:

Late night working increases the rate of depression. It may also put a very negative impact on one’s mental health. In different research studies, it is shown that the mood swings and depression level increases 45% more when you work late at nights.

 Causes Heart Attack:

In 2012’s study, it is clearly shown that the late night working increases 15% chances that the person will suffer a heart attack due to late night shifts. Change in sleeping habits affects the circulation of blood and its pressure that is the leading cause of heart attack.

Risk of Breast Cancer:

Women working at night shifts are suffering more from breast cancer than those women who only work during day time. It doesn’t matter that a woman is working 7 days a week or for just one night in a week. It still has the same effect.

Effect Body’s Metabolism:

Body’s metabolism is mostly controlled by hormones such as a hormone named as leptin control the regulation of blood, insulins and blood sugar levels. Late night workings interfere with the regular circulation and production of this hormone in the body and cause changes in the metabolism. This interference will cause the other nested set of issues in the body.

Cause Diabetes and Obesity:

Working at late night shifts can also increase the risk of diabetes and obesity. This type of disorder is only the result of the improper working of hormones in the body. The danger point is even you eat healthy food; the hormones imbalance will also lead this healthy food to cause a negative effect on the body.

What should a person do to combat these adverse effects?

One can follow these points to combat the negative effects of late night working on his/her body.

  1. Avoid the use of caffeine. It has the ability to stay in your body system for hours and prevent you from sleeping. You can use water instead of caffeine
  2. Don’t drink an excessive amount of alcohol because it can make you sleep faster. The alcohol will interfere in your body’s action and prevent it from repairing itself.
  3. Talk to your health consultant if the night shift is really messing with your health.

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