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Perfect Keto Product Review

What is Perfect Keto?

Perfect Keto is a company that produces exogenous ketone products. They produce an affordable and effective product to help people achieve Ketosis states. Their most famous and active supplement is called Perfect Keto Base. However, they do not use the MLM network tactics like others do use.

What is Perfect Keto made of?

In contrast to endogenous ketones produced by the body, exogenous ketones are supplements. Moreover, there are two types of exogenous ketones namely:

  • Synthetic ketones (ester) which are mainly used for research.
  • Commercially exogenous ketone supplements, such as Perfect Keto, which is naturally derived from ketone salts.

Each Perfect Keto is made of beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), calcium, magnesium, natural flavors, citric acid, and stevia. Endogenous ketones are ketone bodies produced when the body excrete carbohydrates. The body then looks for other sources of energy to produce ketones.

Moreover, exogenous ketones are ketone bodies used as nutrition supplement. This means you can enjoy the state of ketosis even if you have been consuming carbohydrates. Moreover, exogenous ketones are new to the ketogenic industry.

What Is Its Nutritional Value?

Each scoop contains 15% of calories, 31% of sodium, 59% of calcium and 84% of magnesium.  Moreover, it contains a very- high level of salt, as this supplement is used in Ketone Salts. Without it, the body cannot produce an apt source of energy.

Side effects

Stomach upset is one of the side effects of ketones.  Moreover, if you experience it, just try taking 50 percent of the prescriptions. I have felt stomach upset in the past as a result of using other product which lasted for several hours. However, was reluctant to try Perfect Keto which luckily does not upset my stomach. Besides, everyone is different, and stomach upset may be experience as a side effect of this supplements.

Price and flavors

Exogenous ketones are very expensive, but the perfect Keto supplements are more affordable, at $59 per 15 servings. Moreover, this is cheap when compared to other brands. While Perfect Keto are said to work just like its competitors, another advantage is that it is produced in different flavors which makes its consumption a splendid experience.  The flavors are peaches, cream and chocolate sea salt. The former has a fantastic taste while the latter is not too overpowering or sweet because there is a hint of the sea salt which gives it a bit of a sharp taste. Ketones have its unique taste which people like or dislike. However, my favorite Perfect Keto is chocolate sea salt, but it does not mean other flavors does not work with me. Moreover, choose the flavor that you appeal more.


As stated above, Perfect Keto is produced in two exogenous ketone flavors, and we found the taste to be very pleasant. It seems our opinion is in agreement with other reviewers.  However, the recipe claims to have “zero fillers or additives.” They also said the supplement could boost the blood ketone levels by up to 1.5mmol. However, this has not been confirmed, and we did not make our research up that extent when experimenting it out.


Perfect Keto provides dosage advice for various needs:

  • Fat loss: Use a scoop in between meals or in the morning.
  • Performance: Use a scoop before or during exercises.
  • Focus: Use a scoop on an empty stomach.
  • Ketosis: Use a scoop after consuming carbohydrate to get back into the state of ketosis.


The major drawback of perfect keto base is that they do not reveal any of their ingredients online, which makes us (and other reviewers), a little bit worried about the value we are getting for our money.

Weight loss effects?

Many people are worried if exogenous ketone causes weight loss; however, there is no scientific evidence to support that. Some consumers said ketones reduce their appetite, thus, leading to weight loss. Others said the appetite-reducing effect only lasts for a few hours after ingestion. I believe in no-shortcuts when it comes to losing weight. Moreover, I do exercises when taking exogenous ketones and managing my diet. The exercises are just to lose body fat and burn calories. Besides, we still need to make necessary adjustments to our diet. Just as you cannot expect to shed weight by exercising on an unhealthy diet, so do not expect to get rid of excess body weight by taking ketones with an unhealthy diet.  However, when you want to try ketones, do it with a well-designed keto diet.

In Conclusion, the Perfect Keto Base is engineered to replace the presence of carbohydrates or glucose with ketones.  Moreover, this allows consumers to reduce their calorie intakes without having to compromise their energy level, overall performance, cognitive capacities and much more. With that in mind if you are a follower of exogenous ketones, then these worth a try.

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