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Influences of Ketogenic Diet on Cancer

No food can cure cancer, but some studies and researches show that the ketogenic diet is helpful for patients suffering from cancer. Keto-diet is low-carbohydrate, the high-fat diet that forces your body to burn the fat instead of carbs. High-fat diet makes your body to starve for carbohydrates, and your body starts to make ketones. These ketones are made into your liver. It is a type of acid that further send into your bloodstream.

Can cancer be treated with keto diet or not?

Now a day’s cancer has become the most common disease among humans. It can only be treated with the process of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiations. Studies show that no food can cure cancer. But sometimes keto diet is helpful for cancer patients.

Overview of Ketogenic Diet:

  • One’s who follow the strict keto diet, his body reduces the significantly low-carbs and substitutes them with fats. This change creates the different metabolic state called ketogenic state.
  • After following the keto-diet for days, fats have become the natural source of energy in your body.

How many requirements are needed in Keto-diet?

In general studies, our body needs 60-75% of fats as carbs, 5-10% of calories from carbohydrates, and 15-30% of calories from proteins.

How ketogenic diet effects on blood sugar in cancer?

  • The main role of cancer cures is to detect the differences in normal and defected cells. All type of cancer cells almost shares one trait. These cancer affected cells feed off carbs and blood sugar. This process helps them to multiply their growth.
  • Ketogenic diet not only benefits normal people but also provide different benefits to patients of cancer. When a cancer patient follows the ketogenic diet, his standard metabolic processes alter to create a standard zone of blood sugar. In this way, cells of the body feed off less level of carbs or sugar.
  • Long-term starvation cause by keto diet slows down the speed of cancer cells. These cancer cells slowly start to reduce from its size and reach the standard size or sometimes they totally die.
  • Studies show that the possible ketogenic diet helps your body to reduce the progression level of cancer cells.

Additional Benefits of Keto Diet on Cancer:

 The list of mechanisms of the keto diet is long. There are more different benefits of keto-diet are available to the cells in human body.

The ketogenic diet can provide different benefits such as:

  • Lowered insulins: these may slow down the growth of tumors. Insulins are the anabolic hormones that help the human body to fight against different diseases. When insulin is present in a body, it can automatically make the cells grow include different cancerous cells.
  • Ketones: keto diet is the best way to increase the level of ketones in the human body. Cancer cells have not the ability to use ketones for energy. Different researches show that cancer cells may reduce the size of tumors and also reduce the growth of cancerous cells.

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