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Fasting and its Incredible Benefits

Some of you probably thinking what all this hype is about? Well, fasting becomes more popular among the health community in recent years. It is a practice and plays an important role in many religions. Fasting is defined as the abstinence from some or all of the food for a short period. Fasting itself also has different ways. In science, fasting has shown many benefits for a healthy life. Its benefits vary from active brain functioning to healthy weight loss.

Here you will find different benefits of fasting that are backed by science.

Helps in weight loss:

In many studies, it is shown that fasting is a safe way to lose weight. Many of the fasters pick up fasting as an easy and quick way to drop a few pounds. In fasting one should abstain himself from certain foods and sweet beverages. In this way, you can decrease your overall intake of calories. Short-term fasting is the best way to boost your metabolism. Fasting can increase the level of neurotransmitter and nor epinephrine. A person can eventually reduce his body weight up to 9% only by doing fasting. In a research, it is showed that fasting can effectively increase fat-loss as compared to any calorie restriction diet.

Stress resistance:

Today, many people around us are suffering from stress. What is this stress? What can it cause? We can link the stress with so many reasons. Every person has different circumstances. Fasting is one of the best techniques that help your body to release its stress. This is also an easy way that increases the resistance to stress in your body. There are unstable molecules called free radicals present in the human body. The unsteady movement of these carries reactive electrons causes the stress in the human body. When these free radicals react with other molecules in the body and change the dynamics of certain cells. These changes lead your body to have more stress. The fasting gives your body a boost of energy to work properly. Fasting put your body into a survival mode and helps your body to get rid of bad cells and replace these cells with healthier cells.

Promotes longevity:

In many studies, it is shown that fasting is the best way to shield your body against cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Fasting is the best way to promote longevity. Fasting can help someone against breast cancer and skin cancer by increasing the tumor-filtrating of lymphocytes. People who are fasting on weekly basis can decrease the risk of chronic diseases. Fasting helps your body to fight against H/L blood, maintain cholesterol and reduce insulin resistance in the body.    

Improves hunger:

A person can actually experience hunger if he is eating a meal 3-4 hours in a day. Want to experience the true nature of hunger? This process takes 12-24 hours to occur. Through fasting, one should regulate hormones in his body and experience better hunger. Whole-day fasting can control the release of healthy hormones in the body. Hormones are the fuel of the body. If they are working accurately, your body gets full quicker.     

Healthy Weight Loss

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