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Diabetes Type 2 Warning Signs

Diabetes is a chronic disease that results in high blood glucose level. Diabetes is of types; type 1 and type 2. Diabetes type 1 is known as insulin independent or insulin resistant diabetes, as a person with diabetes type 2 is unable to respond to insulin. Insulin helps in glucose uptake from blood by the body cells. Heredity, obesity, inactivity, aging are among the major risk factors for diabetes. It can be kept under control by maintaining a healthy lifestyle; exercise, weight control, eating vegetables and fiber-rich food etc. Normal blood glucose level under fasting conditions is less than 100 mg/dl while for the pre-diabetic person it ranges 100-120 mg/dl, glucose level beyond this limit indicate that person is suffering from diabetes. Diabetes type 2 symptoms may be mild to hard, men and women though have similar symptoms, however, some distinctions may exist. Common signs of diabetes are listed here.

1: Frequent Urination

A person with diabetes have a high concentration of blood glucose and kidneys in reaction produce more urine to get rid of excessive glucose. Frequent urination may be the indication of diabetes, as diabetic persons have higher urination rate compared to non_diabetic persons and more likely to get urinary tract infections.

2: Increased Thrust or Dry Mouth

As diabetes type 2 increases the urine production, excessive urination to get rid of blood  gluc3 result in water loss or dehydration of the body. That’s why a person with diabetes type 2 experience dry mouth or feels thirsty more often.

3: Weight Loss

Glucose level through higher in blood but this glucose is unavailable to body cells as in diabetes type 2 body cells do not respond to the insulin that helps them to uptake blood glucose. Cells suffer from energy crisis as glucose is the major form of fuel for energy in the body, resulting in unexpected weight loss indicating diabetes type 2.

4: Feeling of Hunger

Though the body has enough glucose in the blood, however, its unavailability to body cells sends a signal to the brain that the body is hungry or it is running out of energy. That’s why a person with diabetes type 2 feels hungry more often.

5: Numbness and Foot Pain

Higher blood glucose level may cause damage to nerves throughout the body. This condition usually leads to numbness or pain in foot extremities that may be transferred upwards in extreme conditions. If a person often feels numbness he/she must go for a diabetes test.

6: Frequent Infections

Infection-causing agents especially bacteria and fungi grow quickly when the glucose level is higher in the body. People with diabetes type 2 are at higher risk of developing bacterial and fungal infections.

7: Blurred Vision

A flexible muscle changes the shape of the lens during focusing. A sudden or frequent change in blood glucose concentration interrupts the flexibility of these muscles, resulting in blurred visions in early stages of diabetes type 2 development. However, with the passage of time body is adapted to the glucose concentration changes and vision become normal.

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