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Benefits of Drinking Water

For living a healthy and well-being life, it is necessary to keep your body hydrated. The 60% of the human body is made up of water. Around 70% of the surface of the earth is covered by water. We do not imagine the human body without water because blood contains 90% of water. Need some mental boost? You can drink water instead of soda and a cup of coffee in the case, if you feel your mental performance is diminishing. Water is such a gift of nature that helps you to increase the brain power, increase your focus, improve concentration level and boost energy levels.

Water has much more benefits than any of us think. Let’s have a look at its few benefits among the numerous.

Provide lubrication to joints:

There are 80% of water present in the cartilage located in joints and the disks parts of spines in the human body. Joints shocks, joints pain, low fluid absorbing ability of joints are the results of dehydration. Drinking enough amount of water each day helps you to fight against these problems.

Healthy weight loss & weight management:

Your bones and brain are not the only body parts that enjoy the positive impact of hydration. Water is the primary source that helps you in the removal of unnecessary fats and by-products from your body. Drinking water is the easiest way to feel fuller. Water not only acts as a neutral appetite suppressant but also helps your body to improve its metabolism. You will gain less weight when you build a habit of drinking a couple of glasses of water before every meal.

 Body Temperature: 

Our body stores enough water in the middle layer of skin. This water comes to the surface of the skin in the form of sweat this sweat evaporates and helps the temperature of your body to cool down. In the state of dehydration, heat storage increase in the body and the one is not able to tolerate heat strains. Heat strains may also occur during the sessions of exercise; an excess amount of water in the body reduces the chances of physical and heat stresses.

Improve digestive system:

The food needs water to work properly. Many digestive problems such as constipation, overly acidic stomach and much more are only the result of dehydration. These problems increase the risks of stomach ulcers and heartburn. Drinking the right amount of water helps your digestive system to fight against these problems.

Better performance during exercise:

 Want to enhance your performance during exercise? Consuming more water might improve the performance of the body during strenuous activity. Scientists have proved that dehydration reduces your performance last longer than 30 minutes during workout sessions.

Source of saliva and mucus:

For digesting food and keeping the nose, eyes, and mouth moist, our body needs saliva. Saliva helps in preventing friction and damages. Drinking more glasses of water helps you to keep your mouth clean. Tooth decay is the result of excess consumption of sweet beverages. Drink water instead of these beverages will protect your toot also.

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