About Me

Hi, I’m Diwata Wethington, 55 yrs. old and a registered Respiratory Therapist for 26 years in a well established hospital in Bay area. I am married for 29 years and raised two professional young men. For 15 years, I had managed and owned an elderly care business. Care giving to elderly has given me moment to think to take a look at myself and my health.

Six years ago, I found out that I have a type II Diabetes Mellitus which lead  to shock and  denial. I was non-compliant with doctor visits, medication, exercise ,diet and encountered a depression.

Last Christmas season, my A1C level was alarmingly 10.5. I was scared and sought my doctor right away. She laid out the truth the risks of developing heart disease, stroke, eye and kidney disease, and nerve damage on diabetic person.

I started doing a lot of research and focused on looking for a type of diet that would curb down my sugar intake. Then, I read that there is no such thing as diabetic diet. I was guided that I can substitute sugar-containing food for other carbs as part of my balanced meal and watch the total grams of carbohydrates that I can eat throughout the day and still control my blood glucose. I was so happy to find out that diabetes has a place in the society. I figured with proper education and incorporating healthy eating in my meal and being compliant to my medications, I can battle and control my glucose level. Simple, nutritious and easy meal with short preparation time is the key to my health.

I am not a strict “keto” person but I do observe healthy and balanced diets. Ketogenic diet (Keto) is in low carb and high in fat  and it’s been credited to help lose weight. Soon time, I started weaning myself off carbs such as rice, pasta and bread. I added more veggies and meat and I noticed a difference when my A1C level dropped to 7.9. It is still moderately high but I will take any small changes! An individual should always check with their physicians before trying out any kind of diet. To motivate myself, I created this website to share my story and continue to learn more about healthy living so I can live longer and see my grand children.

Journey with me and I will do my best to share my success with you!

Diwata Wethington